We know what we are, but know not what we may be
— Shakespeare

My work is a combination of instinct and craft. After receiving my Bachelor's degree in Music, I completed my Master's degree in Acting to gain the tools necessary for a successful and lasting career in the arts. I continue to be a student of theatre and film, constantly watching, attending, and reading works that are new to me. I truly believe that every production needs to be a collaboration. Whether I'm a lead or "Soldier #4", my greatest theatrical experiences have occurred when the entire ensemble was more important than any one individual. I also strive to connect with everyone I work with, both on stage and off.  

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Boring Facts, and then...

  • I grew up in Lancaster, PA

  • Oldest of four children

  • Started acting at age ten

  • Bachelor of Music Degree from West Chester University of PA

  • Master of Fine Arts Degree from University of Houston, Professional Actor Training Program

  • Based out of New York City

Fun Facts!

  • Dream Roles (Plays): Cyrano, Iago, Macbeth, Benedick, Richard III, Brutus, John Proctor

  • Dream Roles (Musical): Jean Valjean, Javert, Burrs, Shrek, Edna Turnblad, Sweeny, Henry Higgins (again), Jud Fry, Nicely Nicely Johnson

  • I started acting the usual way: my first show and my first big crush happened at the same time.

  • I saw Les Miserables on Broadway when I was eleven, and I was hooked.

  • I played baseball all the way through high school and am still a huge sports fan (Phillies and Eagles).

  • Impressions include: Stewie, Dr. Claw/Cave of Wonders, and Marvin the Martian. I'm working on Trump...

  • I attended four schools to get my two degrees. Worth it.

  • I've watched "The Office" more than you. Trust me.

  • I will watch "Gladiator" every single time it's on.

  • I was a seat filler at the Tony Awards in 2007 and 2008. Angela Lansbury smiled at me.

  • I've lived in five states in the last five years (PA, NY, TX, NV, UT) and have visited forty-four.




Actors Play Convicts Playing Actors in Our Country’s Good at UH

“Michael Thatcher as Captain Phillip, in charge of the colony, creates a complex character of wisdom, humor, courage, daring, and charm, conveyed with subtlety and quiet authority. It is all the more powerful for its understatement.”

-Jim J. Tommaney


The Beaux’ Stratagem: A Comedy At UH About 2 Young Men Who’re Desperately Seeking Women & Money

“Michael Thatcher plays Jack Archer, pretending to be the servant – this is the lead role – and he brings a courtly charm, a roguish gleam in the eye, and a presence that commands the stage.”

"The comedy is broad and rollicking, open to exaggerations that work brilliantly, yet Parr and Thatcher succeed in creating authentic personalities in the midst of careening humor.”

-Jim J. Tommaney


“Guys and Dolls” on a roll in Portland

“Michael C. Thatcher’s serious-minded Lieutenant Brannigan and Jesse Graham’s stolid General Cartwright were excellent counterweights to the collection of con-men and saucy women.”

James Bash