Reviews for MUCH ADO!

Reviews are coming in for Hamlet Isn't Dead's production of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. Audiences and critics agree that it's a hit! Click below to read what they think!

Review #1

"You can’t have a successful Much Ado without a stellar Benedick and Beatrice, and both Michael Thatcher and Hayley Palmer excel. Thatcher captures Benedick’s simultaneous cockiness and vulnerability, while Palmer portrays Beatrice with an ironic detachment that persists even in her jokingly reluctant acceptance of Benedick’s proposal, as she places the ring on her own finger. The scene in which they first declare their mutual love and in which Beatrice insists that Benedick “kill Claudio” manages to be seamlessly funny, poignant, and deadly serious."

Review #2

"As Beatrice and Benedick, Hayley Palmer and Michael Thatcher are engagingly witty, even as their highest hilarity comes when they are made the fools by their friends."